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Message Board Sentiment

We track both message board opinion and market exposure every day, and market opinion on a weekly basis on The message board sentiment poll today (2/5/10) showed Bulls at 40% and Bears at 40%. This was Bearish since even splits usually presage short-term weakness. That was two in a row. The Actual Position Poll showed 17% fully long and 20% partially long. 7% are partially short and 30% are fully short. The latter was well above my 20% threshold, and that is Bullish. More importantly, we have a Borderline Buy from the FL/FS 1-day. Since there were a lot of partially long Bulls, we figured that they might need to whack them one more time before a rally. Yesterday's and Wednesday's 200% Sell signals worked out very well. The FL/FS 5-day Fully Long/Fully Short ratio is neutral.

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The National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM) Sentiment Survey showed the median market exposure at 40.0% down from 70.0%. This is a short-term Buy. The IT Sell signal was a big winner and nailed the top within 10 points. For more on our analysis, see this brief study at

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