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"The most profitable and useful sentiment on Wall Street for more than a decade. Period."


"Some of the most valuable information I get is from Mark Young's weekly [ISA] sentiment polls. He not only provides the raw sentiment numbers, but he also performs a remarkably insightful and accurate analysis of the poll results. I would hate to be without it."

C. Swenlin

"The ISA is a very handy tool to have in one's trader's toolbox. [Mark Young's]special take on sentiment can help keep you on the right side of the indexes, even with the seemingly irrational moves we've had since 2000."
Enzo V.
New York City, NY

"I have been trading the markets since the early 1970's and have tried just about everthing out there..with very very modest success...that said..i can tell you that I find your "sentacator".. the most accurate..and simple to use technique for predicting the near term direction of the S & P index.....this is stated with a deep sense of thanks to you for presenting this product... you have my heartiest congratulations."
Mike C.
Harrisburg, PA

"Mark Young's ISA is an invaluable sentiment service. Using it with other indicators can give the fine edge to making a successful trade, and passing on a bad one."
Karen H.
New York City, NY

"Mark, just wanted to send you a quick complimentary note on the ISA. Most of my market analysis prior to Aug. 2003 has dealt with classic TA and price action. I've thought about investor sentiment and crowd psychology over the years, but never followed a quantifiable, "for pay" service until subscribing to your ISA [Trade Navigator]. I like it. I feel that it helps give me a more complete "feel" for the equity market. Please make sure that I'm rolled into the new premium ISA and keep up the great work!"
Jim T.
Germantown, TN


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