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"Mark, just wanted to send you a quick complimentary note on the service. Most of my market analysis prior to Aug. 2003 has dealt with classic TA and price action. I've thought about investor sentiment and crowd psychology over the years, but never followed a quantifiable, "for pay" service until subscribing to your service [Trade Navigator]. I like it. I feel that it helps give me a more complete "feel" for the equity market. Please make sure that I'm rolled into the new premium service and keep up the great work!"
Jim T.
Germantown, TN


The ISA Weekend Report

Pricing and Delivery for the
Premium Service

The Premium Service consists of three parts, the  Weekend Report, the Daily Navigator and the real time Premium Intraday trading alerts.

Due to the necessity of time and speed in delivering the real time trading alerts, the Premium intraday trading alerts are only sent via email and instant messaging service, and are not available online.

Since the Premium Service also includes the  Daily Trade Navigator, you will also receive the Daily Trade Navigator Monday through Friday by email before the U.S. Market opens. The Daily Trade Navigator is also available online at Traders-Talk.com with a free registration process the forum password. You will also receive the  Weekend Report emailed by Sunday afternoon (EST, GMT -05:00).

The  Premium Service is available as an add-on to your current  Daily Trade Navigator Monthly or Annual Subscription for $39.99 per month.

You can also order the  Premium package for $79.98 if you are not currently an  aily Trade Navigator subscriber. There is no difference in the cost. ($39.99 + $39.99 = $79.98)

Since Equity Guardian Group offers non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds after the product is delivered. Please contact us with any questions before ordering.

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