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The Premium Service Includes the Weekend Report, the Daily Trade Navigator, and real-time Intraday Trading Alerts.

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The Premium Service consists of additional intra-day alerts, as well as the aforementioned services. Below are the actual updates that we sent out setting up, entering, and exiting a real time model trade for our Premium Service subscribers. This is a fairly representative trade, though not all trades are quite this profitable. Note that these intra-day alerts can be received by email addresses, PDA's, and Instant Messenger Services.

Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 07:35:49 
Subject: Fwd: Morning Update 7/31/07

Morning Update: Asia was mixed, but mostly up, and Europe was up big. We are up nicely, as I figured (and wrote about in the Checklist) when I saw the volume at the close and the OEX P/C. In fact, I'm thinking that we ought to be sending out an evening alert for those of you who can position in GLOBEX or even right at the close. They are regularly giving us a trade and a tell for the next day. We look long today, but a pullback can occur at any time on news or exhaustion.
The KTT model: Buy, but unconfirmed. 
ST Sentiment Signal: None. Look both ways for now.

Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2007 09:08:56
Subject:  Daily Trade Navigator for 8/07/07

 Daily Trade Navigator for 8/07/07
Tuesday at 9:07 am
By Mark Young of Equity Guardian Group

The TTHQ.com  Navigator message board password is XXX

Short-Term Sentiment:
Overall Intermediate-Term Sentiment: Neutral-to-Bullish.
Individual Investor Sentiment: Neutral-to-Bullish.
Small Speculator Sentiment: Neutral-to-Bullish.
Small Hedge Fund/Manager Sentiment: Neutral-to-Bullish.
Longer-term Trend: Positive.
Intermediate-term Trend: Negative.

Short-term (one-day) Signal: None, but I'm looking both ways.

We are trading these signals and others (well) intra-day with KTT subscribers--contact us for details.

Ideal ETF Portfolio (tracking portfolio):
50% long DIA at 133.41.

I may go after the TWM if we rally in order to hedge. I may also double up.


Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 11:02:25  (Pt. A on chart below)
Subject: Update: Trend Turning

Update: We are not far from turning the short-term trend back down.  If we don't rally smartly over the next 10 minutes, then we will start looking for shorts.

Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 11:19:32  (Pt. B on chart below)
Subject: Update: II

Update: No turn yet. Volume is iffy either way and ARMS suggests distribution. I should note that we can firm up here and then we'd look for buys. At the moment, I think we step away. No matter what, it'll take some time to set up a short-term signal and I'd like to get out to lunch today.

Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 13:44:45  (Pt. C on chart below)
Subject: Update: III

Update: Short-term trend is now down. We'll look for a bounce to short. If it's low volume, we'll advise of specific action. We're not trying to tear the cover off the ball here, but this trade might last overnight.

Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 15:06:25  (Pt. D on chart below)
Subject: Sell

Update: We're getting a bounce, albeit from lower than we'd have thought. I say hit them at 147800 and stop it at 148500. We'll hold it over night if filled. We'll not update at 4:00 but a bit later as we have an appointment. Target for now is 146500. We'll adjust it as time allows.

Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 16:40:59
Subject: Gone!

Update: Darn, that was a profitable appointment!

We got short at 147800 and we covered, unexpectedly, at 146500. That's a 13 point profit gang! And while we might have snagged another 5, I'm happy to not have to worry about it tonight. The late volume, however, suggests that we were fortunate to close this position out. We ought to see some buying tomorrow, or even tonight.

End of Day Conclusion:

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